Cambridge University Press A History of Islam in America

Muslims began arriving in the New World long before rise of Atlantic slave trade. Kambiz GhaneaBassiri's fascinating book traces history of in United States and their different waves of immigration conversion across fiv


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I.B.Tauris The Ottoman Crisis in Western Anatolia

Ottoman Turkey's coastal provinces in the early nineteenth century were economic powerhouses, teeming with innovation, wealth and energy a legacy of Ottoman's outward looking trade orentated diplomacy. By middle of century, w


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NYU Press Money at Work

Financial advisors, poker players, hedge fund traders, raisers, sports agents, credit counselors and commissioned salespeople all deal with central concern in their jobs: money. In Money at Work, Kevin Delaney explores how we thi


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OUP Oxford Selling Sex in the Reich

Selling Sex in the Reich focuses on voices and experiences of prostitutes working in German sex trade in first half of twentieth century. Victoria Harris develops a nuanced picture of prostitutes' backgrounds, their reasons for


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Oxford University Press Homies and Hermanos

Using the tools of sociological theory, Robert Brenneman seeks to discover why a pot smoking, gun wielding "homie" gang member would want to trade in la vida loca for a Bible and buttoned down lifestyle of an evangelical


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Routledge The Ovimbundu Under Two Sovereignties

Originally published in 1962, this study discusses the changes in life of Ovimbundu from time of their caravan trade in slaves, rubber, and ivory down to more recent period when organization of chiefdoms was influenced by


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University of Arkansas Press Black Charlestonians

This revisionist work delineates the major social and economic contours of large black population in pivotal Southern city of Charleston, Carolina, historic seaport center for slave trade. It draws upon census data, manuscript c


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Harvard University Press Africans in the Old South

The Atlantic slave trade was the largest forced migration in history, yet most of its stories are lost. Randy Sparks examines few remaining reconstructed experiences of West Africans who lived in South between 1740 1860. Their


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Routledge Revivals: Poor Labouring Men (1985)

First published in 1985, this book presents the first detailed account of relationship between farmworkers, trades unionism, and political social radicalism. Rural radicalism, one of most important new features of late nineteenth a


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Routledge Economic Liberalization and Turkey

The liberalization of the Turkish economy is a key factor affecting Turkey's application to join European Union. This book examines impact of economic in and approach to elimination of barriers to trade.


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